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Clone Manager Enzyme List

For use with Clone Manager Basic 5-9, Clone Manager Professional Suite 6-9, and Primer Designer 4-5. (Update February 2015).

You can download a new enzyme list to use with the Clone Manager or Primer Designer programs. Click below to begin the download of the new enzyme file to your computer. When the file has been downloaded, select Save As... to write a copy to your hard disk.

Download new enzyme file now

After download, double-click on the zip file in File Explorer or on the desktop to uncompress the file to its original size (approx 20 KB) and then restore its original name (SEEnz32.enz). Move the unzipped file SEEnz32.enz to the directory that contains the Clone Manager or Primer Designer program, replacing the existing file of the same name.

Update directly from REBASE - Clone 9

If you are using Clone Manager Professional 9 or Clone Manager Basic 9, you can update the Clone Manager master enzyme file monthly using REBASE enzyme files.

  1. Click Clone, Enzyme Lists
  2. Click the REBASE Update toolbar button.
  3. If you already have the latest REBASE file (via email or from the web), set the option Have the File and provide the complete filename and path.
  4. If you want the program to get the file for you using anonymous FTP, set the option Get the File Now.
  5. Click Update.

Update directly from REBASE - Clone 6-8

If you are using Clone Manager 6-8 or Clone Manager Professional Suite 6-8, you can do monthly updates of master enzyme files directly from REBASE. To update your program-defined enzyme lists using the latest REBASE data file:

  1. Click Clone, Enzyme Lists, and then click on the Update tab.
  2. Click on the option for the REBASE file source and complete the required information.
  3. Click Update Now.

You can get REBASE files from the REBASE web site:  For more detailed information, please refer to Enzyme Lists, Updating or REBASE updates in the Clone Manager help system.