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Clone Manager Demo Programs

December 2015

Runs under Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

You can download a demo version of Clone Manager Professional or Clone Manager Basic. The demonstration programs come with built-in sequence files. The Clone Manager Professional demo also includes built-in primer files, sample alignments, and sequence assembly results files. You cannot load your own sequence files, save modified files to disk, or save or use newly-created molecules. In most other respects, the demonstration program is fully functional.

You can open a sample view (like a molecule file) and then use toolbars and menus to try different features and functions of the program. Or visit locations where important data is accessed. You can also print or view user instructions, view program tutorials, or view a Quick Tour (overview) of the Clone Manager program.

A setup program will install the demo on your computer's hard disk. Download one of the setup programs, using the links provided below.

Download Instructions

Click below to begin the download of the setup program to your computer. When prompted, select Save As... to write a copy of the file to your hard disk.

diamonds Download Clone Manager Professional demo setup program (6.769 MB) now

diamonds Download Clone Manager Basic demo setup program (3.853 MB) now

Run the demo setup program (either ProDemo9.exe or BasDemo9.exe) to begin installation of the demo on your computer. The demo installation program will copy program files to the specified installation directory on your computer, install a menu item for the program on your Start menu, and install a program short-cut on your desktop.

Once you have finished with the demo program, you can easily remove the program and all accessory files. To remove the demo version, use Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Clone Manager does not create or modify files in your Windows directory.

Program Description

A document describing either edition of the Clone Manager program can be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat. This PDF document briefly describes the program's capabilities and includes system requirements, license types available, program pricing, and ordering information.

diamonds View/print Clone Manager Professional program flyer (pdf) now

diamonds View/print Clone Manager Basic program flyer (pdf) now