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User Documentation

You can download quick reference guides and user manuals for the current versions of Clone Manager Professional and Clone Manager Basic. These document files (*.pdf) can be viewed or printed using the Acrobat Reader (Adobe Systems). You can also download a compiled Help file (*.chm) to replace an out-of-date application help file.

Quick Reference guides -- Brief working instructions for essential operations or upgrade information about new or improved features. Print two-sided landscape orientation for easy access near your computer.

Getting Started guides (User Manuals) -- Detailed 40-page user manuals. For Clone Manager Professional, Volume 1 covers molecule and cloning operations. Volume 2 covers alignment and primer operations. View or print with Acrobat reader.

Application Help -- Compiled Windows help file (*.chm). Replace existing outdated program help file or view with Windows help viewer. (Downloaded *.chm files may be blocked. See note below.)

Work more efficiently -- read about power shortcuts to help you get the most out of the Clone Manager software. These tips will help you to find or filter information, move quickly to a related area of the program, start an action from another location, or remember your settings.

PowerSC.pdf (Power Shortcuts, 153 KB, Apr 2016)

diamonds Clone Manager Professional 9

Open or download user documentation for the Clone Manager Professional program, version 9.

CMPRO9QR.pdf (Program Quick Reference, 238 KB, Oct 2015)

CM9UPGQR.pdf (Upgrade Quick Reference, 226 KB, Oct 2015)

CMPROV1.pdf (User manual, Volume 1, 373 KB, Oct 2015)

CMPROV2.pdf (User manual, Volume 2, 356 KB, Oct 2015)

CMSuite9.chm (Application Help file, 357 KB, Nov 2015)

diamonds Clone Manager Basic 9

Open or download user documentation for the Clone Manager Basic program, version 9.

CMBAS9QR.pdf (Program Quick Reference, 211 KB, Oct 2015)

CM9UPGQR.pdf (Upgrade Quick Reference, 226 KB, Oct 2015)

CMBAS9GS.pdf (User manual, 370 KB, Oct 2015)

Clone9.chm (Application Help file, 207 KB, Nov 2015)

Blocked Help Files

Windows security updates can enable a block that will prevent the display of compiled help (*.chm) files you download from the internet. You may need to unblock this help file before use.

In File Explorer, right-click on the Clone Manager help file you just downloaded and select Properties from the menu. Click the Unblock button (lower right) on the General page and then click Apply. If you do not see the Unblock button, you may need to log on as administrator.