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Privacy Statement

Web Site

Our web site is hosted by an internet service provider. For the purpose of site management, information is collected by this service provider through standard web logs and made available to us using standard AWStats or WebTrends reporting software.

This information includes general statistics about visitor sessions (number of hits, page view, visitors per day), search strings used to find our site, and the browser and platform in use.


E-mail sent to Scientific & Educational Software may be read by several individuals and is stored until we can respond to your question or resolve a technical problem that you have encountered.

Your name and e-mail address is not used for marketing purposes and we do not share this information with any other parties.

Registered User Database

When you purchase a licenses for one of our current programs, your name, institution, and mailing address are stored in our Registered User Database. This information is used to identify the licenses you hold and to approve upgrade pricing for you. We do not share this information with anyone else and we do not use it for marketing purposes. This information will be retained as long as your license is supported.

Changes coming with Clone Manager 10

For future versions of Clone Manager, our licenses will be issued and activated for us by a third party. This partner company will share license registration data with us so that we can continue to provide support for you. On-line purchasing will be handled by another partner company and this company will collect shipping information and possibly credit card data. We are working with partner companies that handle your data in a way that follows best practices for GDPR.

More detailed information will be provided when these systems are implemented with the release of Clone Manager 10.