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Network Administrator Documentation

You can view a general description of the Clone Manager network concurrent licensing system requirements or an overview of network administrator tools that help you to install the software, turn on token logging, monitor tokens in use, and trouble-shoot problems you may encounter. Documents are available for versions 9, 10 and 11. (Program version 9.1 or later is required for full functionality.)

You can also access installation or upgrade instructions for versions 9 or 10 of Clone Manager Professional and Clone Manager Basic. These document files (*.pdf) can be viewed or printed using the Acrobat Reader (Adobe Systems).


Clone Manager 12

CM12_NetReqmts.pdf (Network Requirements, 109 KB, January 2024)

CM12_NetAdmTools.pdf (Network Administrator Tools, 100 KB, January 2024)

CM12_NetInst.pdf (Installation Instructions for Network Administrator, 138 KB, January 2024)


SciEd Web Share

WebShare_InstlWinIIS.pdf (Installation Instructions - Windows IIS, 195 KB, December 2021)

WebShare_InstlWin.pdf (Installation Instructions - Windows, 200 KB, December 2021)

WebShare_InstlLinux.pdf (Installation Instructions - Linux, 266 KB, December 2021)

WebShare_UsrAccSecur.pdf (Setting up User Accounts and Access Security, 153 KB, December 2021)


Clone Manager 11

CM11_NetReqmts.pdf (Network Requirements, 104 KB, July 2022)

CM11_NetAdmTools.pdf (Network Administrator Tools, 97 KB, December 2021)

CM11_NetInst.pdf (Installation Instructions for Network Administrator, 139 KB, December 2021)


Clone Manager 10

CM10_NetReqmts.pdf (Network Requirements, 109 KB, December 2019)

CM10_NetAdmTools.pdf (Network Administrator Tools, 99 KB, December 2019)

CM10_NetInst.pdf (Installation Instructions for Network Administrator, 142 KB, December 2019)


Clone Manager 9

Microsoft Windows Active Directory can use Group Policy to push configuration of client computers to use the network version of Clone Manager 9 or to allow administrators to pre-configure user preference settings. Or, as an alternate to Group Policy, user configuration settings can be preset using a Clone Manager 9 configuration (.ini) file. View detailed instructions.

CM_NetReqmts.pdf (Network Requirements, 64 KB, Nov 2015)

CM_NetAdmTools.pdf (Network Administrator Tools, 55 KB, July 2014)

CM_SetupComp.pdf (Group Policy - Deploy, 112 KB, Dec 2015)

CM_SetupPrefs.pdf (Group Policy - Set Preferences, 121 KB, July 2014)

CM_UserConfig.pdf (User Configuration Settings, 60 KB, Sept 2015)


Clone Manager Professional 9

Open instructions for new program installation or upgrade of an existing license to a major new version or view special installation instructions for those moving from Clone Manager Basic 9 to Clone Manager Professional 9.

CMPN_Ins.pdf (Installation instructions, 73 KB, Dec 2015)

CMPN_Upg.pdf (Upgrade instructions, 73 KB, Dec 2015)

CMTU_Ins.pdf (Trade-up instructions, 73 KB, Dec 2015)


Clone Manager Basic 9

You can view instructions for new program installation or upgrade of an existing license to a major new version.

CMBN_Ins.pdf (Installation instructions, 73 KB, Dec 2015)

CMBN_Upg.pdf (Upgrade instructions, 73 KB, Dec 2015)