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Upgrade Pricing (from version 9)

You are eligible for special upgrade pricing if you are have a license for Clone Manager 9. Go to the chart below to find current pricing for the edition (Professional or Basic) and the license type (Individual / WorkGroup, or Concurrent User) you are currently using.

To receive a link to purchase the upgrade, please send an email message to:   and provide the license serial number (in Clone Manager, click Help, About to find this number), and the registered user's name and affiliation. We will send you an email, verifying the license information and providing the link to our on-line reseller's cart including the coupon code needed to purchase the upgrade at the prices shown below. Each coupon code can only be used once.

If you have not already done so, click here to download your Clone Manager 12 (trial evaluation or purchased).

More information: Please refer to the Documents section, above, for complete user documentation and installation instructions.


Upgrade from Clone Manager 9, Professional Edition, Individual or Workgroup Licenses

Upgrade from (CM 9) Upgrade to (CM 12) Price *
Individual User pack of 2 Seat Licenses $680 USD
4-Seat WorkGroup pack of 4 Seat Licenses $1240 USD
8-Seat WorkGroup pack of 8 Seat Licenses $2160 USD

     *Plus applicable taxes


Upgrade from Clone Manager 9, Professional Edition, Concurrent User License

Upgrade from (CM 9) Upgrade to (CM 12) Price *
Concurrent 5-Users 5 Concurrent Users $2250 USD
Concurrent 10-Users 10 Concurrent Users $4050 USD

     *Plus applicable taxes


Trade up from Clone Manager 9, Basic Edition Licenses


Convert your Basic edition license to a Clone Manager 12 Professional edition seat or concurrent users license.

Send us an email at