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Clone Manager Professional
Version 9 for Windows

Clone Manager Professional provides a comprehensive, fully integrated set of tools for enzyme operations, cloning simulation, graphic map drawing, primer design and analysis, global and local sequence alignments, similarity searches, and laboratory-sized sequence assembly projects.

Cloning Operations

Primer Design, Analysis

Alignment Operations

Other Features


You can also use Clone Manager as a quick and easy way to view or edit sequence files, find open reading frames, translate genes, find genes or text in files, or use primer or sequence phrase collections.

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Pricing Information and System Requirements

License Type Catalog No Price Intended Use
Individual User IL 8901 $1150 USD For use by one person
4-Seat Workgroup WG 8908-4 $1950 USD Install on up to 4 computers
8-Seat WorkGroup WG 8908-8 $3300 USD Install on up to 8 computers
Concurrent 5-User CL 8905 $3800 USD Share on your network

Clone Manager Professional, Ver 9.51, Copyright 1994-2016. For Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. Minimum configuration Windows Vista. Concurrent user license supports most standard Windows network systems or TCP/IP networks. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.