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Subscription Information

An active subscription for Clone Manager permits you to run the latest version of Clone Manager. Updates and new versions are free during the term of the subscription.

Subscriptions are available for the seat license which is for use on your personal computer. More information on license types is available at License Types

The following quick links provide how to download Clone Manager, purchase, manage and renew a subscription.

Download Clone Manager software installer

  Seat license installer *   CM installer  

* Installation instructions and additional Documentation

How to purchase a Subscription

Click the 'Buy now' link below.

Under the Payment options, enter your payment information or click 'Request Quote' located above 'Billing Information' to generate a quote which your finance department can pay against.

Automatic renewal: The default payment method is credit card with automatic renewal.

Other options:  If you would like to pay with a different method, or would prefer to not automatically renew your subscription, you can click the 'Renewal: Automatic' link and select the option to renew the license manually. This will enable more payment options.

Once you have purchased the Clone Manager software, you will receive a confirming email with a link to view/print your invoice. You will also receive an email with your license ID and password, which will allow you to activate your license. If you have not downloaded the free trial software, you can download the program installer from the download link above.


Clone Manager, Professional Edition, Subscription Seat License


Cloning, graphic maps, primer design, sequence alignments. Runs on Microsoft Windows. Install seat license on one computer (activation required).

  Description Price *
21-3503 Annual Subscription Seat License $300 USD Buy Now

     *Plus applicable taxes. Renewal price $250 USD annually

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Renew Subscription

You will automatically receive a reminder email when your subscription is close to expiring.

If you purchased the subscription by credit card, and used the default auto-renew option, then your card will automatically be charged. If you do not want to renew your subscription, you must cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date. Please refer to Manage Subscription - Cancel Subscription below.

In all other cases, you need to manually renew the subscription before its expiration. Please refer to Manage Subscription - Renew Subscription below

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Manage Subscription

You can manage your subscriptions by logging in to your account manager. The account manager shows you a list of order(s) that you have placed. You can see active subscriptions and renew, or cancel, those subscriptions.

To log into your account manager, click the link under ‘customer service’ in your email receipt ( Enter your User ID which is usually your email address and will also be displayed in the customer service block. Enter your password and click Log In.

If this is the first time you are logging into your account manager then you should click the link ‘Request Login/Password’ and follow the instructions.

The My Account Home page will show a list of your orders. Click on the Active Subscriptions tab to view your active subscriptions then click on the reference number to view details of the subscription. The details page will provide options depending on whether you selected automatic renewal when you placed your subscription order.

Renew Subscription:

If you did not select automatic billing when you placed your subscription order, then you will need to click the Renew now button and enter your renewal payment information. If you do not renew your subscription, it will automatically be cancelled when the subscription expires.

Cancel Subscription:

Click the button to cancel this subscription. Your Clone Manager license will remain active until the subscription expiration date but will not be renewed.

Stop automatic billing:

If you selected automatic renewal when you placed your subscription order, you can stop automatic billing by clicking this button. Once, you turn off automatic billing, you will need to manually renew the subscription before it expires.

Cancel Subscription (German consumers):

You can request cancellation of your subscription by clicking Request Cancel Subscription and entering the requested information for your subscription.

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